Studying is important for people to continue to develop and many also find it a nice diversion to take a course. But what do you do if you have no money at that time to follow the course or study of your dreams, you give it up, ask your family money, or you study with a loan yourself.

There are many studies in the Netherlands and abroad that you can follow, from learning another language to learning an interesting hobby. Read on to see how you can easily borrow a sum of money for a study of your choice.

Studying with a money loan

Of course it all starts with what kind of study or course you want to follow. Popular is learning a foreign language, with the obvious English language being by far the most popular. Other languages ​​that we like to learn are in order of importance French, Mandarin and German, but also Spanish is often chosen to learn.

But there are also other courses / studies that are less obvious, but are still popular, how about a debt counseling course or a children’s coach, but also a digital detective and a course to start your own bed & breakfast. As you can see, there is infinite choice.

Are courses expensive

Of course it may happen that you do not have the money to follow a course or study, then you will have to borrow if you want to start immediately. Depending on which course you want to follow you will have to think of an amount.

For example, an HBO bachelor will quickly cost you more than 7,000 euros and an MBA Classroom more than 600 euros per term. But there are also courses that cost you less than 100 euros, for example there is a crash course in business communication that costs just over 100 euros.

Which loan should I take out?

If you have to pay for a study in one go that is more than 2,500 euros, it is advisable to opt for a personal loan because you will receive that amount in full in your account. It is often the case that when you pay the entire amount in one go you get a discount, with the current low interest rate this can be interesting.

If it is a course that you are going to pay in installments but is more than 1000 euros, you can opt for a revolving credit, this loan will be made available to you and you will only start paying interest on the amounts that you withdraw.

But my study is less than 1000 euros

If the study or course you are going to follow is 1000 euros or less, you could also look at a mini loan where you can borrow an amount of up to 1000 euros for a short period.

The disadvantage of this is that you have to pay off quickly and also have to repay the full amount in one go. You can only do this if you pay for the study in one go and want to use it more as an advance on your salary.

Where can I find interesting studies

Where can I find interesting studies

There are several organizations that offer courses and studies, below you will find a number of examples where you could look to perhaps get an idea if you do not yet know what you want to do.

NTI – Renowned provider of courses and bachelor studies.
LOI – Choose from more than 1000 offers.
Laudius – Many courses for only 99 euros.
Study plan – Specialized in hobby courses

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